Success is our habit

2017 looking for new talent (you!)
2015 more than 700,000 users in 8 languages from 160+ countries
2014 reaching 100,000 users in 4 languages
2013 clear mind and entire focus on our apps
2012 our daughter company reaches EXIT after export proof and acquiring 25% of local market
2011 our e-democracy product is featured by President Obama at the UN assembly in Washington
2010 awarded by the World’s biggest media innovation accelerator Knight News Challenge
2009 listed as one of top 7 innovative enterprises by Investment & Development Agency of Latvia
2008 launched Europe’s 1st education app for mobile phones (no one had an iPhone back then!!)
2007 business idea award by Investment & Development Agency of Latvia

Work smart play hard

*what are your dreams?

On my first day there was an office party till 5.00 in the morning. My new colleagues asked what my plans for the next weekend were. I didn’t have anything specific in mind yet. “So, here is your flight ticket to Amsterdam. We are having a revenue party.” So the entire office went off to Amsterdam for a couple of days to celebrate the most recent monthly revenue record.

– nutritionist & user success agent

I have heard that the right people can bring out the best in you. But I’ve never quite understood what it means before I met my Creative.gs team. Here its easy to excel. Everyone is on point. Motivated for common success. Workflow is transparent and simple. Good-bye office politics, I will not miss you. I now have smth else. I have a team.

- international salesman

Our floating office is different. It lets you enjoy all the summer goods on a standard working day. Its easy to jam cool ideas sunbathing on our terrace. Pretty often we go for lunch on a colleague’s boat to the waterside restaurant just a couple of miles from our office. My week-days are sometimes better than my vacations used to be before this job.

- software engineer

What is really sweeter than champagne? Hearing random people chat about your app on the street. Realizing that you actually make a difference with what you do. Being ahead of competition is our habit. Being part of stuff that changes people’s lives for the best. Being where winning is part of your day. And not just some day, but every day.

- online marketer

Can you do better than us?

Then apply and see your dreams come true (no joke!)

front-end developer

Front-end Developer

A baby can build UX that people can use. Lions build UX that people love and use their money to express this love. With our help you will be that lion and will feel the love.

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QA / Tech Support Specialist

There is a difference between a normal app and an excellent one. Your sharp eye spots imperfectness like a hungry lion spots food in savanna.

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CRM Marketing Manager

Join our team as CRM marketing manager & let’s shoot for the stars together and make some good money!

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PHP Developer

Esam starptautisks uzņēmums, kas veido un izplata pašu izstrādātas aplikācijas un produktus jau vairāk kā 11 gadus 170 pasaules valstīs. Mūsu komandā strādā tikai labākie mārketeri, dizaineri, zinātnieki, programmētāji (un daži suņi)! Mēs nolīgstam tikai talantīgākos cilvēkus, kuriem ļaujam realizēt savu potenciālu un kreativitāti – cilvēkus, kas ir lieliski tajā, ko viņi dara un arī […]

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Ruby on Rails Developer

There is a difference between a normal app and an excellent one. You will be that difference! Any baby can write code that a computer can understand. Lions write code that other lions can understand.

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They say there are three possible reactions to a design: yes / no / wow. We here believe there is a fourth one. Its the most sincere and also the most popular in our designs. Its as pure as a baby’s smile. What it is? Yes, correct. Its that reaction, when a user clicks ‘Pay now!’

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Facebook Marketer

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. It makes the customer feel smart and safe. And makes him buy stuff. We are looking for you, if you are good at analysing and changing customer behaviour and you want to go big.

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